Does have any best practices?

  1. Audio Quality: the best way to ensure great notes is making sure the audio quality is good.  If you're on the phone and someone is soft or fuzzy sounding, it will be harder for Clarke.  Make sure every speaker is near their respective microphone and not coming off muffled.  
  2. Names Versus Pronouns: Clarke does do speaker recognition so the more you can use people's names instead of pronouns when talking specifically around action items and next steps, the more helpful those action items and notes will be in terms of understanding accountability.  
  3. Editing Notes: The best way you can help Clarke get smarter and learn over time is by editing your notes to your liking when you receive them.  By editing the notes in the platform, Clarke can understand things you felt were important/unimportant.  
  4. Disclosing Clarke on the Call: When disclosing to all your participants that Clarke is on the call, our users have shared the best way to mention it is that "you have an AI technology that takes notes for calls and you can share the notes with them afterwards."  
  5. Sharing Notes: We highly recommend you go to the top right of your notes page and share the notes with your participants so they benefit from everyone being on the same page as well.

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